The Banking Elite Are Not Only Stealing Our Wealth, They Are Stealing Our Minds


Islamic Banking in the UK

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Background and key principles

Under Islamic principles, Sharia law (prescribed in the Koran) defines the framework within which Muslims should conduct their lives.

The overarching principle of Islamic finance and banking products is that all forms of interest are forbidden. The Islamic financial model works on the basis of risk sharing. The customer and the bank share the risk of any investment on agreed terms, and divide any profits or losses between them. In addition, investments should only support practices that are not forbidden – trades in alcohol, betting and pornography are not allowed. Moreover, an Islamic banking institution is not permitted to lend to other banks at interest.

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[Cited] JPMorgan Chase: Too Big To Fail May Be Just Big Enough To Succeed

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“JPM is #1 in Global Investment Banking fees. It is #1 in Fixed Income Markets income share. It is one of the biggest derivatives traders. One might at first think that the new rules for FinReg that are set to be implemented in 2013 would hurt JPM more than others. However, the opposite may be true. There are two derivatives laws that are particularly important.”

“The first law would require that most derivatives be traded on open electronic platforms, with prices visible to all participants before deals are done. This would over time lead to much lower prices for derivatives. It would mean lower prices (margins) for JPM in this area. However, the big traders say that large transactions if done openly would disrupt the markets. They are lobbying for exemptions. The big traders such as JPM will be the ones to get these exemptions. They are the ones…

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