Generate positive energy from office conflicts – Aikido Style

Motivation in Motion

This blog is especially dedicated to the upcoming New Year with hopes that it will give you inspiration to make a life changing resolution this year. Happy New year to all my Motivation in Motion readers and thank you for this year!

How it all started

This year in February I took an Aikido class for the first time and it gave me inspiration to change my approach to conflicts completely, and I must say that it was a real life changing moment.  It made me look upon conflicts as something positive instead of negative. It made me realize that I can learn and even gain energy from conflicts instead of draining my batteries

12-29-2012 10-19-03 PM

SAP 2012 Kick-off In Leiwen, Germany – My first exposure to Aikido

Fight or flight

My normal reaction before Aikido was to go head on when I got into a conflict in the office and fully activate…

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